Backups, Disaster Recovery and Prevention

Planning for the worst-case scenario is key for retaining your important computer data (pictures, documents, videos, etc).  You already know how crucial your data is. So do we. One of the most important things we do for our customers is make sure that they are adequately planning for the worst-case scenario.

We are able to help, suggesting alternate storage options for your data, from local backups on-site/off-site, even cloud subscriptions.  We have a complete data tool set and experience to recover your lost or encrypted data from being lost forever.

Level1pc is conscious of these and many other scenarios and we can help provide solutions for the most common problems you might face.

Devices We Can Recover Data From

  • Memory Card: SD/miniSD/mircoSD card, SDHC, CF/Xd card, MMC, etc.
  • Flash Drive: USB drive, Thumb drive, Jump drive, etc.
  • Hard Drive: SSD, HDD, Hybrid
  • Removable Drive: External SSD, USB stick, Mobile phone, Digital camera, etc.
  • Laptop & PC: Windows and Mac computer made by Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.
  • Other Storage Media: iPod, iPad, Kindle tablet, Surface Pro, etc.

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Devices We Successfully Recovered Data From






Flash Drives